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Anybody still reading this? ;)

On Saturday, I met with people from the Gothic Lolita forum

First, they went to the ice rink, where I didn't go. We met at the Ganders tea house. The interior looks great, prices aren't so high, and I liked it generally. We talked for about 2 hours about fashion, school (most of the people were brats in middle and high school) and something else. Then we made photos before the tea house.

Some people said goodbye, and most of us (me included) went to "Zlote Tarasy" shopping mall. The only good thing of going with them was meeting on the way my once best friend with whom I've lsot contact. We haven't seen for few years. Otherwise, that was a failure going to the mall with them. I mean, I can tolerate talking with these brats on the forum, but not in real life. The gap was too big. Even if we are interested in the same thing, we have nothing in common in the real life.

The Sunday was great though. I met with my friend, called Bernstein. We counted, and we know each other for 10 years now. We met at Japanese language course. I visited her home, and we talked, and watched Bollywood films. We watched the "Om Shanti Om" and fragments of Devdas. "Om Shanti Om" is so funny! You should really see this.

Here, you can see some videos:

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July's fun

Damn, I'm not good at keeping my diary. Well, forgive me, please. :P

July was fun, I have to admit. I went to Kraków to see my old friends, and for Teleport (manga & fantasy convention), and to make a bit of sightseeing. Can you believe I've never really sight-saw this city, even though I've been there few times. Anyway, the weekend at Kraków was mostly fun. I was in "manggha" museum. I really wanted to see it for years, and I wasn't disappointed. Funny thing, my Lonely Planet Guide was outdated and when I expected free charge on Sundays (or 5 zł other days) I had to pay 15 zł for entrance. But it was worth it, definetely. Photos from Teleport and Krakow I will upload later.

Drinking on the New World     I also went out with my work-mates (2 girls) for a "women's evening". We sat, drank drinks or beer, ate french fries, chips and of course... talking a lot... really a lot... We also rated guys passing us by (we were sitting on the pavement of walkway in center of the city) and I have to tell we didn't see many good-looking men. The ones which were the best-looking were coincidentaly (?) wearing suits.

July is the month of birthsdays in my family. First, my cousin's wife (Gosia) has birthday on 21st, then me on 22nd, and then cousin (Sebastian) - on 24th. I was invited to their birthday party weekend before the actual birthdays. It was fun and delicious, but I wanted to come back home, so I left with grandma.

I had my birthday with my boyfriend on 24th. We went to Chinese restaurant (Mongolian Grill) which was delicious! And not so expensive. You get things (you choose yourself) into bowl (rice, soya noodles, vegetables, various kinds of meats, and sauce) and then the cook prepares it in something like 1 minute on a metal grill. Then we went for my present and it was silver & onyx necklace. And then we went to the cinema, to see the "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" (polish title: "Jeszcze dalej niż północ" eng. "Welcome to the land of Shtis"). It's hilarious! I laughed all the time.

My other birthday party was a failure... But I spent it with my boyfriend alone (there were supposed to be moy friends there) in a great italian restaurant/club Mela Verde on Chmielna. There is a good food, good drinks (Mojito!) and great desserts (Tiramisu or the one with almonds). We also watched "Wanted" with Angelina Jolie. That movie is so... shit... Do not watch this even for free...

On Sunday we went for a short RPG session. This month we had a few meetings with RPG at my friend's house. that was fun, I miss the old days when we RPGed mroe often, this is a great social entertainment.
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long time no see

Hmmm... I really really long time didn't write anything... I wasn't in the mood for it. :P

I graduated from university in January, then around February I started working in American Bookstore. But now, I'm about to change work, in the bookstore they don't pay too much, I earn around 600 zł a month (true, I don't work a lot, around 100 hours which is half-time).

I had a good time during these month. I visited friends in Poznań, when me & my bf went for a RPG convention (Pyrkon).
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I've joined http://pupe.jp which is a site for sharing your clothing photos. When you upload clothing & accessory, you get items to dress up your avatar. You can of course comment on other's people clothes. It's really fun. ^_^

Most of the site is in English, so any girl (yes, girl) can join it.

My wardrobe is here: http://pupe.jp/profile/oGpB0xo1A6EV/

Among the photos I made, are the photos of my boots & bag (presents from Christmas).
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December was definetely busy for me. I was finishing writing my MA thesis (it's done now!) and I will have my last exam at 15th January.

Anyway, December was also a time for playing too. I don't really remember everything I have done (no, I wasn't drunk (^_-)) For sure we went to the cinema once or twice. We also went for board games meeting. The host was a friend, who came back to Warsaw for holiday from Japan, where he's now on a scholarship. It was reaaaaaaly cold there, but it was really fun there. We played "Citadel".

This year's Christmas was really funny - we laughed a lot during the dinner and when it was time gor getting the presents. I didn't get anything pink this year. ヽ(^o^)丿I got new mouse (my was broken), internet camera, red pajama, chocolates, mug, bordeau scarf and glove set, and black and red blouse. I got boots and bag from grandparents (well I bought them at Camden Town shop by myself, but they were paying for it) and I'm waiting for my and my bf's presents. We ordered them from american Amazon. My present is Sandman comics illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano, and his present is Lyn Flewelling's "Traitor's Moon" last part of trilogy (which had only 2 first volumes printed and translated in Poland).

Anyway, my parents went to the mountains at 26, and his at 27. We were all by ourselves till 2nd January. That was really a great time for me. We went to my friend's house 20 km from Warsaw, and we got surprise there. One of the guests was our friend from borad-games players (did I mention that I met my bf for the first time at board games meeting in the exact same group? ;)) . We were having fun, even if there were few problems with music in the beginning. Later on me, my bf, our friend and one more person was playing the Millionaire game. In the end our friend won 1st place (she's really smart!) me - 2nd, my bf - 3rd.
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On 2nd December I took the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). It was difficult, and I'm not sure how I did. Results will be in February.

I almost finished my MA thesis. I'll be defending it in January. Didn't manage to defend it now. My family won't be happy about this. :(

And a good thing: Mikołajki. From my bf I got a cute teddy bear. He's a replacement for my bf when we can't see :D Did I mention I love mascots? And from my mum I got a thin book about Japanese mythology. :]
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It's been a month

since I posted for the last time. There were good and bad things, but I want to keep this blog rather positive, so I won't mention them.

Well, don't really remembered what happened during that time, except that 19th was our half-year annniversary. (*^_^*) We went to the Korean restaurant, where my friend nekocia is a cook. I love her cooking. And my boyfriend liked it too. ヽ(^。^)ノ Korean food is good (^_-)-☆

As you can see, I've finally learned how to input Japanese emoticons, so I use it now (^_^;)

I'm almost done with writing my ma thesis, I will be defending it in January.

At 2nd December, from 12:00 I'm trying to pass the exam for Japanese Language Certificate (JLPT) for 2nd level (1st is the native speakers level). Too little time for learning, also because of the ma thesis. Time will tell.

p(*゜▽゜*)q ファイト!
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Japan Week

A lot has happened since I posted last time. I keep regular posts on Lang-8 dictionary. It's a site when you write your diaries in the language you learn and native speakers corrects your mistakes. :)

Okay, so in a short style I will tell you what happened to me.

Of course most of the time I'm busy with my boyfriend, going somewhere together, playing billiards (I even won twice) - he plays for a few years, I for a few months :P, going to cinema, cooking (sic!) etc.

Now it's Japan Week in Warsaw - concerts, shows, exhibitions etc. Japanese culture (mostly the traditional one). It's great. I helped a bit with it. Managed to talk in Japanese. :) Lucky. Me & my bf were on few of these attractions together. He liked it. :P Especially the taiko drummers.

You can see about Japan Week here: http://japanweek.eu/ Sadly, I don't have any photos. :( But you can see a bit on that site.

Ah, I got also for a ryoukai - that's a once a month meeting with Japanese to practice the language. Generally for students of Japanese studies faculty, but the Japanese said it's okay for me to participate. :)

And the taikomochi. We were on a meeting with taikomochi (before the Japan Week started). Taikomochi is let's say a male geisha. He told us about the origins of taikomochi, taikomochi few centuries before and now, and he showed us 2 plays. It was very interesting. Here is his website: http://www.mitene.or.jp/~houkan/
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26.05.92 - 11.08.07

Pati is dead. She was 15 years old, and not in a good health, but her death is still very painful.

She died last week, in grandparen't summerhouse. she was hurting, so they took her to vet to end her pain. And they told us this only after a week so that we get use to not living with her anymore.

I'm really displeased with their false care to be honest. I mean she was spending always (especially when she got older) spring to autumn with them in their summerhouse. We saw her during that time on weekends, or when grandparents were going somewhere we took Pati back to the city. It was like "altough we are not seeing her, we know she's okay otherwise grandparents would say (as they said earlier) that something is wrong".

Even if I were for easing her pain and letting her rest (month ago or so) I still feel cheated that they didn't ask us, or told us what they are going to do or what they did immediately after they did it.

I really wanted to see her alive for the last time, and say goodbye to her. I would rush out to that summerhouse to do this.

And now, all is left is a grave...

Here, I will store all the photos I will find:

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